Song Lists

Our deejays use a laptop computer with 18,000 songs loaded on it, as well as subscribe to Apple Music streaming service – with over 30 million songs at the ready! Requests, when appropriate, may be played on the spot! Below are just some of the categories of music that you can choose from. Communicating to us what you want to hear is important in making your fun-filled event a success!

Click the categories to see a list of songs. This is just a fraction of songs we own!

Also view the following site if you would like to see the “Top 100” lists in many different genres. РTop 100 Song List by genre

Other styles we feature on demand include: Bachata, Cha Cha, Bhangra, Zydeco, Bluegrass, Senegalese and more music from all over the world!

King DJ Company also provides wireless lapel microphones, music, and speakers for indoor or outdoor ceremonies.