The most UNIQUE WEDDING I deejayed in 2012!

This took place in the SOMA region on the night the S.F. Giants won the World series! But I digress….I’ll relate a few things that made this event the TOP CHOICE for most creative wedding in 2012. The bride booked a art gallery & filled it with her Dad’s paintings from his entire life. So it was a wedding AND an art show all at the same time. After the ceremony which I provided a professional sound installation for, the guests walked down the street to a restaurant bar for happy hour. Meanwhile, a huge glassed-in Food Truck pulled up just outside the front doors & began to make gourmet pizzas w/ different toppings. The music chosen by my client was French cafe style for the first part of dinner which was a delicious menu of cutting edge Asian cuisine, then a varied selection of Big Band & Swing music from days gone by. The juxtoposition of the old & the new was a interesting one. Someone put a lot of hours and care into making the hundreds of origami decorations that adorned the walls.

All in all, some great ideas’ that added up to a feast for the senses!

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